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sanitary napkin dispensing machine tea bag making machine:The Sleep Essentials and Rituals of 24 Beauty and Wellness Experts

sanitary napkin dispensing machine tea bag making machine:The Sleep Essentials and Rituals of 24 Beauty and Wellness Experts

  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent years of your life searching high and low for beauty sleep hacks. Between optimizing our bedrooms and evolving our sleep habits, falling asleep has become an intricate process. If living through a global pandemic has taught us anything valuable, surely it’s the importance of rest. When I catch myself on the borderline of total exhaustion from depleted energy levels, I’m reminded of founder Tricia Hersey, who has been advocating for the movement from the lens of Black liberation theology.

  Even though we are all wired differently, we now share a mutual desire for rest. I’ve tried enough products to know that rest isn’t something you can just buy into though—maintaining good sleep hygiene takes a lot of discipline and practice. Leaving it to the pros, we consulted 24 experts within the beauty and wellness space about the sleep essentials for their bedtime rituals. If you take anything away from these trustworthy regimens, let it be the healing power of self-care.

  Image may contain: Box, Crystal, Lighting, Lamp, and Plant“This magical lamp has been on my mood board since moving into my first home, a Brooklyn brownstone, last year. (It looks positively guaranteed to queue exceptional dreams.) I’m a big fan of visual simplicity with touches of the surreal to spark a little uplift. Plus, dimmers are absolutely requisite in the bedroom.” —, RH (AHG) + founder of

  Image may contain: Pencil“I’m not the crazy blue light blocker I wish I was, but I do dim all the lights in the evening and use 100% beeswax tapers from Cave Glow.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Human, Person, Sport, Sports, Exercise, Working Out, and Fitness“Lightpath to Wellness is my red light recommendation. Use it at night instead of regular light, and sit in front of it to heal things. It sold me.” —, co-host of (use the code POOG for 10% off.)

  Image may contain: Furniture, Tabletop, Table, and Lamp“Sleep is one of my absolute favorite activities that I cherish deeply. Some of my favorite bedtime rituals include a cup of herbal tea, followed by a light breathwork session using the app to calm down any nerves and anxiety I’ve been carrying with me throughout the day. I’ve been using my Casper Glow lamp for years; I love the dimming feature it offers, and use that as a timer for when I need to shut off and put the phone away. My go-to sheets are the luxe-sateen set from , simply unmatched!” —, host of

  Image may contain: Home Decor, and Curtain“I am very sensitive to light, so I make sure my room is equipped with blackout curtains. My favorite are these velvet curtains by Benedeco; I have the Camel set, which adds a special luxe feel to the room. It feels like you’re in a cozy cocoon throughout the night and ensures interruption-free mornings.” —, founder and CEO of

  “I’ve found that keeping my phone out of reach from my bed is important for both sleep quality and duration. This phone home from Rachel Saunders Ceramics is an intentional way to provide a healthy boundary between you and your phone at night.” —, doctor of acupuncture, herbalist, and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Human, Person, Fashion, Clothing, Apparel, Jennifer Lopez, Evening Dress, Gown, Robe, Suit, and Coat“Something I can’t live (or sleep) without are my orange-tinted blue-light-blocking glasses. Watching TV or scrolling on my phone before bed keeps me up, but these help me sleep better. I bring them everywhere with me, especially when changing time zones. They even help with jet lag.” —, licensed esthetician and founder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Furniture, Human, Person, Headband, and Hat“I always have to have the bedroom very, very dark before I drift off. My partner was a professional rugby player, and his coach always said that you could only get proper rest in total darkness. I find an eye mask makes a huge difference—I have a nice silk one from Slip; it’s so soft you don’t even feel it.” —, cofounder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Face, Human, Person, Electronics, Phone, Cell Phone, and Mobile Phone“Our Dieux Forever Eye Masks take your self-care rituals to the next level. Instead of single-use disposable sheet masks, you can use ours again and again (forever!) with your favorite eye products. My boyfriend loves to wear his in bed, but I prefer to use mine the morning after I wake up to look a little more refreshed.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Pen“This is not romantic, like a long match or antique lighter, but it has become something incredibly useful, easy, and less wasteful: The USB Lighter Company Rechargeable Lighter in matte black.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Furniture, Bed, Indoors, Room, Bedroom, and Blanket“Great sheets mean everything to me! In my never-ending search, I’ve learned that you don’t have to break the bank for a great sheet set and bedding experience. I recently fell in love with the Nestl beige duvet cover—it’s the softest. No wonder it has over 69,000 amazing reviews.” —, founder and CEO of

  “The quality of bedding is super important to me. It touches our skin every night! This cashmere bedding is simply divine. I love sitting on it and doing some self massage as an evening ritual.” —, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chef, nutritionist, and founder of

  Image may contain: Bottle, and Cosmetics“As a child, I used to suffer from sleep anxiety. It would take me hours and hours to fall asleep, and so—along with meditation, gentle exercise, and therapy—over time I found ways to soothe my sleep anxiety. As a frequent bath taker, I am a huge fan of these CBD bath salts because not only do they actually work, but they also just have me so ready for bed in no time. Sometimes if I’m feeling risky, I’ll even start my morning off with a soak.” —, holistic life coach and founder of

  Image may contain: Cell Phone, Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, and Ipod“I really love my humidifier, which I purchased off of Amazon. It’s been a total savior when it comes to combating the dry, winter air. You can set your desired humidity level on your phone and also link it to your Alexa, so it’s incredibly convenient. My skin feels less dry when I wake up in the morning. As an added bonus, my plants are loving it too.” —, cosmetic chemist and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Electronics, Hardware, Computer, Mouse, Electrical Device, and Switch“The quality of our sleep impacts our health, even cognitive functioning. And most of us could improve our sleep through a simple change in temperature. Sleep researchers have found that cooler temperatures can improve length of sleep and better support the important physiological changes that happen at night. And though the exact suggested temperature can vary, the most common temperature recommendations range from 60–65 degrees Fahrenheit.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Ring“I love waking up to insights on how I slept the night before and to have recommendations on how I can optimize my day. It’s super lightweight, and I don’t even realize it’s on all day and night.” —, licensed esthetician and founder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Rug“When the workday ends, that’s when the decompression starts. I love lying on the Wthn acupressure mat for 15 minutes to relax my back and neck and to take a moment to get back into my body and out of my head. while on an acupressure mat, during a nighttime bath, or while you’re falling asleep is great for relaxing the mind and preparing the body for a great night’s sleep. If I need a little extra encouragement to help me sleep, I reach for an all-natural, non-toxic herbal solution like . It’s made from 100% organic herbs that help to increase GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that slows the brain down. It also contains Ashwagandha, which lowers cortisol levels to help you sleep through the night. Best of all, because it’s an herbal tonic, you wake up feeling refreshed.” —, doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, herbalist, and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, Evening Dress, Fashion, Gown, Robe, Dress, Long Sleeve, and Sleeve“I try my best to be a conscious consumer and reduce my footprint on our beautiful planet. I’m obsessed with my Buffy comforter made of Eucalyptus fiber and recycled material, which is super cozy, warm, and a good option for those who are Earth-conscious.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Furniture, Cushion, Pillow, Mattress, and Home Decor“Contrary to most people, I love a firm mattress. I hate feeling like I’m sinking into bed and prefer a mattress that offers great back support. The Zinus Memory foam mattress makes me fall asleep in minutes.” —, founder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Bath Towel, Towel, and Rug“I’ve finally found the perfect blanket, and I expect it to get better over time. Just the right amount of weight, warmth, and breathability. It feels like one of my baby’s swaddle blankets, but adult-sized! Rest assured I sleep like a baby wrapped up in this blanket every time.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Blanket, Animal, Mammal, Pet, and Cat“The bedtime pregame is critical to getting a full night of rest. My strategy is to take a dropper full of in some and get cozy in this unbelievably soft blanket. Once there, it’s usually two episodes of Seinfeld as a lullaby. Making sure my nervous system is in parasympathetic mode for at least an hour before sleep is the key to success.” —, herbalist and founder of

  Image may contain: Bottle, Cosmetics, Tin, Can, and Aluminium“Magnesium is a powerful aid for sleep and muscle recovery. I love The Nue Co’s Magnesium Ease, which is absorbed through the skin. I use 12 sprays on my skin post salt bath for an extra deep sleep and muscle recovery aid after a long day of physical activity.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Tool, and Brush“Dry brushing has been a staple in my routine for a while now. It is something you do before a shower, which I do at night, an hour or so before bed. I love the idea of washing off the day and signaling to my body that it is time to rest and detox.” —, doctor of acupuncture, herbalist, and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Bottle“I’ve been using this mask for years when I need a pick-me-up. I’m not somebody who maintains a consistent skincare routine. Instead, when I’m stressed or just had a long day, I’ll take 15 minutes and feel like I’m doing something for myself. Such a big part of getting to sleep is getting to a place where racing thoughts can pause. Treating myself with simple luxuries that I know are thoughtfully made and feel special is a good way to get there.” —, doctor of naturopathic medicine + founder of

  Image may contain: Cosmetics, Bottle, and Sunscreen“I take a bath every evening to unwind; it’s calming, and I typically sleep better when I do. Usually, I use Dr. Teal’s bubble bath and Epsom salts together, but lately I have been enjoying switching it up with this silky and wonderful-smelling seaweed lavender soak from Osea.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Bottle“This soothing oil can be used at any time, but it’s a great before-bed ritual. Gently massage it along either side of your neck to melt away stress.” —, cofounder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Tape“My husband jokes that I like to go to bed looking like a wet seal. During the cold winter months, I make sure to moisturize head to toe with an oil-butter mix that won’t ruin my sheets. I’ve been using the Kate McCleod sleep stone religiously. It has a buttery mix of oils like shea butter, cacao, lavender, and sweet almond—all molded in the shape of a stone. When you apply the stone to skin, it melts and glides from head to toe effortlessly.” —, founder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Cushion, Pillow, and Blanket“A good night’s sleep wouldn’t be complete without fabulous bed sheets. I love —their bedding sets are crafted from ethically harvested cotton that’s free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and residues. Plus, they are so cozy and durable.” —, cofounder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Furniture, Bed, Room, Bedroom, and Indoors“I just went through a breakup and after years of sharing the same bed as someone else, I needed a mattress that would not only give me a new start, but help me fall asleep. The Casper Wave, I’m convinced, is a cloud masquerading as a mattress. I lie down, and it’s lights out. A blessing when previously most of your nights were spent tossing and turning.” —, esthetician and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Food, and Plant“Nothing beats an epsom salt bath with essential oils before bedtime. I like two to three cups of epsom salt in my bath. It’s an affordable wellness hack that is pure bliss. The epsom salt remineralizes the muscles and helps them relax. Five to 10 drops of lavender essential oil helps to relax the nervous system and slow down the mind, and it smells great.” —, doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, herbalist, and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Candle, Drink, Milk, and Beverage“Scent in Traditional Chinese Medicine is used often to prevent illnesses and treat various conditions. I love a simple and elegant pillar-style candle in my bedroom. I love to meditate while staring at the flickering flame and breathe in the gentle aroma of orange, black cherry, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla crème anglaise, and amber. I find it easier to sleep if I light up a candle.” —, TCM chef, nutritionist, and founder of

  Image may contain: Bottle, Cosmetics, and Shaker“I don’t sleep well if I don’t have a mini self-care ritual to wind down from a long day. Lately, I have been obsessed with warm aromatherapy baths, and really like the Byredo body wash—it’s got the most beautiful scent. I work from home, so it’s not uncommon for me to stay in my PJs all day, and I find the linen from to be extremely comfortable. I keep an essential oil diffuser in my bedroom from —I bought this one because it’s a sleek design and fits right in with my pottery collection.” —, holistic esthetician and founder of

  Image may contain: Bottle, Human, and Person“Using scent is one of the ways I know how to manipulate my mood and vibe. The Sky Ting x Boy Smells collab candle has notes of jasmine and amber, creating a calming effect that is perfect for bedtime. The Jasmine used is actually only picked at night, and is known to lower anxiety and promote sleep and vivid dreaming.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Plant, Flower, Blossom, and Flower Arrangement“Bedrooms should be minimal (dark, cold, quiet, free of devices), but that doesn’t have to mean sterile. I love sleeping near a plant, especially one that flowers and is known for its air-purifying abilities.” —, RH (AHG) and founder of

  Image may contain: Box, Cardboard, Carton, and Package Delivery“I love making a bowl of miso soup for dinner or a cup of bedtime tea with this tonic bag. I designed these tonic bags using whole herbs rather than extracted powder. It includes gentle and tasty Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs that help to calm our shen (spirit) and nourish the heart for a peaceful night of good sleep!” —, TCM chef, nutritionist, and founder of

  Image may contain: Box“Whenever I can swing it, my evenings consist of an epsom salt bath accompanied by a cup of tea. I like to switch up what kind of herbal tea I’m drinking at night. Masha’s Calm, Dream, and Love teas are good options to soothe, provide comfort, and get into bedtime mode. Doing something with my hands like brewing tea, drawing a bath, or reading a book or magazine is something I look forward to to shift into the evening.” —, doctor of naturopathic medicine and founder of

  Image may contain: Vase, Pottery, Jar, Drink, Beverage, Plant, Brochure, Advertisement, Paper, Flyer, Poster, and Herbs“Yogi tea helps me de-stress after a hectic day and settle into my nighttime routine. I also love the affirmations on the tag—a little added bonus.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Bottle, Cosmetics, and Shaker“The Sleep Tincture always supports a better night’s rest. I either keep it on the nightstand and take three to five milliliters 30 minutes before bed in a splash of water, or turn it into a relaxing evening drink to sip in place of alcohol (add five to eight milliliters to a glass of iced seltzer with the juice of half an orange). Overall this formula eases tension, calms a racing mind, supports a better night’s rest, and supports nervous system health.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Cosmetics, Bottle, and Aftershave“Calm Spirit is my go-to supplement because it contains Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years to target insomnia and promote a restful night’s sleep. I can sometimes suffer from an overactive mind and this supplement immediately calms me down.” —, doctor of acupuncture, herbalist, and cofounder of

  Image may contain: Drink, Beer, Alcohol, Beverage, Cosmetics, and Bottle“I notice an improvement both in my sleep and digestion when taking this on the regular. I typically just add a teaspoon to a splash of water before bed. But it’s also strangely delicious in hot water, an acquired taste, but like sipping a warm Flintstones vitamin—oddly comforting.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Text“I created these herbal gummies after years of working with clients, customers, and students—basing the formula on what I heard people needing, over and over again. Nerve Less is a blend of herbs for the nervous system, like lavender—we call these nervines—plus adaptogens, and L-theanine to support a state of peacefulness. They can be used any time of day and before bed, which is when I love them.” —, RH (AHG) and founder of

  Image may contain: Jar, Pottery, Vase, Plant, and Potted Plant“I take these 30–60 minutes before I go to bed. They keep you in a beautifully deep sleep, and you don’t feel groggy in the morning.” —, founder of

  Image may contain: Brochure, Paper, Advertisement, Flyer, Poster, Cosmetics, and Bottle“For restless legs at night, this is the only thing that’s worked. Essential for me, and I don’t mind a little expanded thinking as I sail off to dream world. Also, I like that they’re sugar-free.” —, co-host of

  Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Bottle“Every day, I take two capsules of our —a 24-strain broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotic formulated for systemic benefits, including digestive health, skin health, heart health, gut immune function, and gut barrier integrity. Plus, it comes in a refillable signature deep Seed green glass jar, which looks beautiful on any nightstand.” —, cofounder of

  Image may contain: Cell Phone, Electronics, Mobile Phone, and Phone“Since the pandemic started I’ve had the most difficult time adjusting to a normal sleep pattern. Hatch’s Rest Plus sound machine has changed that for me by helping me fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves and waking up to sounds of chirping birds. I’ve gotten so used to it that I can’t sleep without it now.” —, founder and CEO of

  Image may contain: Symbol, Logo, and Trademark“This app is super minimal and has a simple interface. I use it to create a relaxing bedroom environment. In addition to the individual sounds, you can also create sound mixes within the app. My favorite combination is singing bowls and flutes together, perfect for lulling you off to sleep.” —, cofounder of

sanitary napkin dispensing machine tea bag making machine:The Sleep Essentials and Rituals of 24 Beauty and Wellness Experts